Spartan news - Date Posted: Sunday 13 July 2014


Notice to all junior players, the 2015 season will see a new structure to the way in which teams will be formed, for players aged 12 – 18, these teams will be graded during the month of October 2014 for a place on the team the following season, expressions of interest are requested from existing players and new players by the middle of September, exact grading dates be advised at a later date.



July will see the women’ team play in pink for the McGrath foundation in support of breast cancer, tickets will be on sale this month for a $100 Bra’s n Things gift voucher, tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.  There is also a donation tin at the canteen.

Cadburys chocolates have been given out but if you would like to sell more please speak to Lina or Alan and this may be arranged monies are due back at the end of the school holidays 22/07/14.

Donations for the fathers day draw are being accepted at the canteen.



We are trialing home made cakes and biscuits to sell, in the canteen so if you would like to bake a batch for the canteen please could you make sure there is a ingredient list to display on the notice board each time you make this donation. 

The club has also purchased a coffee machine; sales are going really well this means it was a good investment, it also means Pas needs help every week from home team parents.

Canteen duty it is the responsibility of the team manager to provide Pas the canteen manager with some assistance every time you have a home game please make sure you let him know when and who will be turning up each week so that sufficient help is given to him.

Lost Property

Pas has informed us that there are a number of item accumulating in the canteen I’m sure you don’t mean to leave shoes and jumpers lying around but he is kind enough t keep hold of them so if you are missing any items please see him in the canteen.



The canteen has extra sicker books if you did not receive one or would like one for a sibling?  Also packets of stickers will be available from the clubrooms during training or from the canteen on weekends. $1.50 each pkt or 4 for $5



Please be aware you must check fixtures to your games every Saturday as they can change up until Friday evening with football west, I know team managers do a great job at directing where you go but they cannot for see these errors so please keep you eye on the website because you could be late or even turn up early for a game and then you loose precious time from the weekend?


Ground Officials

During home games teams must also provide on roster a parent to be a ground official all this entails is knowing the rules and watching the game, please collect a fluro shirt from the canteen many hands make light work.



If your child receives a MOTM certificate from the coach they can redeem this at the canteen on home games, if they do not wish to have chips and a drink they can swap prizes for 4 packets of soccer stickers, as the prize value is the same.


Wind Up

We are organizing this years wind up and we are looking for ideas so if you have any suggestions please call or speak to Lani, Corinna or Jeanette.


Referee Fees

All ref fees can be collected from Alan Weaver, with the appropriate paperwork a signature must be received as some fees have been taken but not by the correct coach this means the club is at a loss so we have to be more vigilant with the cash.



0421 360 158


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