Spartan news - Date Posted: Sunday 30 March 2014

Hi everyone This Years AGM will be held on Sunday 1st December @12 O’clock at Sutherlands Park Oval, we need as many people to attend as possible so we can reelect new committee for next season, as you are all aware the club does not run without volunteers so no committee means no club this might sound hard but it is true.

I apologise if you are receiving this letter and are no longer part of the club, If you send me an email I will endeavor to remove you from the email list.

At the last meeting we discussed in length strips for the junior players next season that the kids get to keep they will have sponsor details on and numbers Text messages were sent out by myself and coaches to get children’s sizing so they can be ordered as soon as possible, the fees will increase this year to cover the strip and other rising costs but this means you will get shirt shorts and socks included.

If you know any one that would like to join our soccer club this year and are also reregistering your child to play 2014 season we have 4 registration days they are: 12th & 19th January and 2nd & 9th February, so make a date in your diary.

Also the club is having a sausage sizzle at Buddings Maddington on Saturday the 8th March, we need as many volunteers as possible to make this happen as fundraising is essential to get new equipment and facilities for the club to keep up standards with all other clubs, I have been told we can raise any thing from $1000 - $4000 dollars doing this so even Half an hour of your time is helpful.

I am also in the process of getting the website up and running to help promote out club, we also have a face book page, If there is anyone out there who loves social media and would like to keep this updated then that one more job taken care of?

Wind up – a discussion was had at the meeting about trophy presentation and wind up events, suggestions were made that trophy presentation should be made on the Saturday before the season ends and be for a set duration e.g. 11am – 2pm all children will receive a drink a sausage sizzle and a lolly bag. During this time they can play mini matches, 5 a side, mixed age groups things like that and from a hat age groups will be picked out to do presentation this brings the club together and promotes club and team spirit for future years, as all coaches children and parents will be attending then support to make this event happen should be huge we would even like to see the senior members join in on the activities to showcase their skills to the younger players joining the club.