Spartan news - Date Posted: Sunday 30 March 2014

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for all their efforts this season it has been a very hard and trying time by all accounts, and they need to be congratulated for getting us through the season and got us into a great position to get us financially through another, as the club would not exist without them, which brings me to my next subject; parent participation.

The committee would like a to put out a plea to all parents of younger players and all senior players that they make more of an effort to get involved in duties associated with the club, this may mean you become a general member of the committee, a executive member, a helper at the canteen, a Sunday official, put up goals and corner flags, help with fundraising, making a few phone calls about sponsorship to even just hanging around at training sessions to help out the coach or even to watch your child train.

The clubs next meeting will be held at Sutherlands Park Oval on Sunday 10th November @10 am, we would love it all if you could come along and give us some feedback on your season, discuss matters associated with the club, offer suggestions to improve the club and if you have the time fill the committee with much needed members, turning up to this meeting will not obligate you in any way to take on any jobs, it will just show us your support for the club and the team you or your child plays in.

My name is Lani Slaughter my son has been at this club for 2 years and I believe he will be playing here till he is too old to play, as his soccer ball is never far from his feet, I am new to the writing so if you have any suggestions feel free to send me your thoughts, or Txt me any Pictures you may like to feature in future newsletters.  0403721002